Keep Calm and Bake On…

Things have been a little stressful these past few days, so when that happens, there is an influx of baking over weekend. Am I alone in this? I could cook too but baking is so much more relaxing to me because of the precision that is needed to ensure the baked item comes out exactly as it should. It just calms me and I can think or not think or do whatever for a good 20 minutes before popping it in the oven. What ends up happening is my office and friends benefit greatly from this… lol

I made two different things over the weekend but one of them was for our good friend’s Dirty 30 birthday. Concidentally, I made two super Chocolate items. I made the Brooklyn Crumb Cake below which I was quite pleased with because believe it or not – it was my first layered cake. Double layered chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache layer covered with the same ganache and then you use the trimmings (aka Baker’s reward) to sprinkle all over the cake. It came out quite nice so I was pretty pleased. (its all those episodes of Cake Boss watching them shape and slice the cakes – lol) The birthday party gave very positive feedback. Wongawitz was like oh you can tell it was nice and moist because people weren’t chugging back water, it was the frosting… lol ok thanks cake connesiour…

Brooklyn Crumb Cake
Brooklyn Crumb Cake

The second chocolate goodie was the XXL Death by Chocolate Cookie courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction. First of all, I just want to say I love her blog. I always go to hers when I’m needing a recipe for something and usually find something fun to bake. For this recipe though i did modify slightly since I made 3 of them. I just threw in 2 eggs versus 6TBS. and btw, measuring out 2 TBS of eggs is not that easy. I also baked it for about 20 minutes since there was three of them.

It's the size of my hand!
It’s the size of my hand!
and a loner shot..
and a loner shot..

Pretty fun to make them and I guess I’m kinda ready for Monday but not really… I just want to wake up, go workout, and watch some HGTV and TLC while vegging out on my couch… is that so much to ask?


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