Double Trouble Coming Soon…

We are expecting! And twins at that! We are beyond elated! We are joining the Coolneys and Carters (lol). Our family will be increasing by 40% come late November/early December of this year. We feel truly blessed as we have been waiting a long time. TB and I are both happy and healthy but I think we both want a boy. TB goes I don’t know what I would do with a girl(s). LOL My mom definitely would like a boy while my mother-in-law is gunning for a girl or two. We’ll find out in a few weeks! I will say if they are girls, they will probably be raised in tomboy fashion. I strongly dislike the color pink or purple, etc. or super girly stuff but who knows what will happen. Either way, it’s going to be Operation Tiger Mom for the next 17 years of their life. Also, they aren’t required to go to Michigan but that’s the baseline.

I did give up Crossfit a while back and running since mid-March but you know in the grand scheme of things, I could care less of hitting a PR right now. The doctor did clear me two weeks ago for running but still being a bit cautious about that. My pace is that of a speed walker but at least I still got the endurance. Don’t worry guys, I’m still gyming but doing a lighter version of CF WODs ie lighter weights, slower, and mostly with DBs. We’ll see what happens once the babies come. Could I go back to CF? Yes but then I would be moving at the pace of a snail but who knows.. maybe a drop in here or there depending on the WOD.

Some fun facts/happenings in the past 15ish weeks…

  1. TB is a twin and was Baby A. He also weighted almost double his brother at birth. My MIL didn’t even know she was having twins until 3 weeks before giving birth.
  2. Compared to a lot of women, I had minimum nausea but did loose my appetite for a long time that I lost 6lbs! I just started gaining it back but appetite is still iffy.
  3. I started eating different carbs then just brown rice and quinoa – ie bagel here and there, and mashed potatoes. I know I’m crazy.
  4. I crave sugar even less if that’s even possible. In fact, it makes me sick. However, salt is even more my bff. I indulge in a pringle and onion bagel once in a while. I know people I’m getting crazy…
  5. For a while, eggs and sausage were the only protein that I could eat. I also ate beef for the first time in years. (no lie Territory’s Brunch in a Bowl was and still is my go to)
  6. No weird cravings but I do fancy some eggplant
  7. I was holding onto 2 of the upper abs for a long time and they recently disappeared…
  8. I thought I would be super pissed about not being able to eat sushi but eh. I also can’t handle drinking bubble tea right now.
  9. We live in a 1 bedroom loft and most likely will still be here come baby time… lol this will be fun so please don’t buy us random stuff.
  10. I once wanted 4 kids in this order boy, twins, girl. I got my twins. We’ll see what happens after.

A Final Note: I stated above that we have been waiting a long time because I was diagnosed with a minor case of PCOS. (No we did not get IVF) It wasn’t just let me count some days, pee on some ovulation sticks, and boom I am with child(ren). I’m a pretty private person and I truly appreciate my close friends that knew what was going on not asking me all the time for a status update/didn’t ask at all. You spend your entire life trying not to get pregnant only to when you are trying to get pregnant, it ends up not being as easy as it seems. As a Type A person, its rather frustrating  but I just remind myself that we are lucky to have the resources and things could be a lot worse. So just re-think next time you ask someone, SO WHEN ARE YOU GUYS HAVING KIDS? Because you never know what the reason might be and then you could just look like an ahole…


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