hi, welcome to my blog… if you read my first entry, this is attempt #3 to start AND keep up with a blog. I plan on keep it up to date as much as I can..

My blog is entitled “tao’s baked goods” as it will be reflects upon all the baked goods that I do. I always use this hashtag for my instagram so why not for my blog. However, I foresee this also including snippets of other events, travels, food adventures, and happenings in my life with some peeks into the happenings of my husband (whom I will refer to as TB) and our pup aka #Stitchpup.11118988_10105160855236553_900396185645205578_n

So a quick intro of myself for now. I am an avid crossfitter and runner. I love sushi or sashimi to be exact and also a good Matcha Ice Blended with Herb Jelly from my favorite bubble tea shop in SF – Sharetea. I also love to bake especially when I’m stressed but due to my lack of a sweet tooth, I never try it and thus my husband, co-workers, and friends benefit greatly.

1009979_10104472807040653_679789299574733719_n 10636318_10104252665266533_6591059237939848502_n

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!


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